In telling amescosa's story, we are most grateful for the support of people who spread the word of unique our Initiative. Therefore we like to thank the online magazine "Untergrund-Blättle" from Switzerland giving us a great opportunity to share our engagement and to make it across the boarders more known. 


In the same breath, I also want to sincerely thank my family and all my friends for always being with me in this undertaking, to believe in what we are doing, to give me encouragement, to back me up at any time and to trust me. YOU ARE AMAZING and you give me the spirit to surmount every challenge and to demonstrate my potential to succeed.

"amescosa-road to recovery" is the first, exclusive women-specific initiative in Kenya reaching out to female youth with alcohol and multi-drug addiction facing a variety of barriers to transform their lives. We support these young women and mothers holistically to liberate themselves from gender based discrimination and violence, abuse, trauma and forced sex work to lead a healthy, self-responsible, self-determined and self-reliant, using their experience as catalyst to become a strong and pro-active force of change at the grass roots of society.

We launched a WORLD WIDE PETITION to ensure the inclusion of all women-specific aspects in both the policies and the practice of Dependence Work:

Every signature counts and has a significant impact for all young women and mothers with addiction. Kindly take a moment and support our endeavor for gender equality. Thank you!