The body memory can especially be used if the brains refuses to remember the painful experience. This is justified thereby that all our experiences are memorized in each somatic cell. The consideration of the strong correlation between diet and psychological, emotional, physical and mental health allows to generally strengthen the person.

The similar perception of homeopathy and art therapy fulfills an equal approach from both, the medical and therapeutic level.

Especially where verbal expression about emotional experiences and emotional inner states are strange, not possible or difficult, body and artistic expression and experience are key, open a deep, personal understanding and initialize fundamental transformation.

Individual adjusted interventions in living circumstances, social environment and livelihood sustainability are essential for a  successful and sustained recovery.


Homeopathy is a natural medicine and follows the law "cure like cure" - a remedy, capable of producing certain symptoms if been taken by a healthy person, can cure any disease that displays similar symptoms and activates the inherent self-healing ability of a human being.

Unique about homeopathy is, that the remedies can be given precisely, individual adjusted by looking at a client holistically. In dependence treatment, homeopathic remedies help to attune the client physically, emotionally and mentally for the detoxification process, support the process of reducing the dosage of the substance abused, ease the withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process, treat co-occurring conditions and can be applied at any other stage of to the recovery process where physical, emotional and mental symptoms appear. 

The different sources of remedies are: plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, sorcode (extract of healthy living tissue) and norsode (extract of the code of a disease). Homeopathy is non-toxic and has no negative side effect.

Different kinds of art therapy

The application of different kinds of art therapy like dance and movement therapy, gestalt therapy, drawing therapy, breathing therapy, imagination and relaxation methods are for several reasons very effective in dependence treatment. They connect directly with the healthy pith and support: a strong focus on feelings instead of a mind centered analysis and interpretation, the tapping of the body memory, the authentic expression of feelings through the body and creative means, to balance the unity of body, psyche and spirit, the holistic integration of the transformation process, the alternation of working from inside toward outside and from outside toward inside, specification through body experience and creative means where talking about a specific issue is difficult or not possible, answers and solutions emanate from within, the holistic working with trauma, creativity in finding new strategies, the development of communication skills, stress-management, the activation of seeing clear pictures of past and present situations, to visualize feelings and life states, to find effective solutions for the present situations and to work through any obstructive pattern.

Especially in the flow of process working they offer a variety for immediate interventions to give feelings the needed space and to allow new experiences.

Special tailored diet

During the detoxification process, tailored diet boosts the body system generally, strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood and organs, helps with lack of appetite and malaise and provides the body with the essential nutrients. By the time a dependent person seeks support, many are malnourished, in part because they have not been eating well and in part because dependence wreaks havoc on the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Case specific social work

To reach a strong, stable foundation for a sustained recovery, the process needs to include the creation of a conducive living situation, child protection, child education, productive and secured livelihood sustainability, capacity building and of utmost importance self-responsibility.